Clarke/Amboss Cable Handling, Stands and Rollers

Cable Handling

Cable Stands, Rollers, Polyfoot® Lead Stands and Skyhooks®


Clarke Industries Cable Handling range has been designed for practicality and ease-of-use. All the products encompassed in this range have been tried and tested by electricians for many years. Our unique range of Polyfoot® lead stands feature a water or sand filled base with a telescopic stand and a multi-function grip.


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This sturdy range of products has been designed around the values of quality, practicality, safety and affordability. Featuring a range of rollers, A-frame stands and in a variety of sizes, these products are a basic need in every electricians van.


CI CS1, Cable Handling


Cable Handling



Recently, Clarke Industries has become the sole manufacturer and supplier of the Polyfoot® range of products. Following the same traditions of quality, practicality and safety, Polyfoot® Lead Stands are a unique product featuring a water or sand filled base and extendable telescopic arm. To complement the stands, a number of associated products are also available, including the Skyhook®.


Clarke Lead Stands


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